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Joe Mauer Fanlisting

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A fanlisting is a place for all fans of a particular show, movie, actor, actress, singer, etc. to come together and build the biggest listing of people from all around the world who are fans of that subject. This page is a fanlisting for Minnesota Twins catcher Joe Mauer. If you have any questions, read the rules in the spring training section, then go ahead and join!

Why Joe? Well I believe that Joe deserves a fanlisting for a few key reasons. Being a catcher is hard, you are a part of every play in the game, you have to squat for extended periods of time, call for pitches and work with the pitching staff, etc. Not to mention, Joe was last year's American League batting champion!

And I must of course add that I am not Joe, nor do I personally know him, so I can't guarantee that he will ever see this site or what is written on the tagboard. Thanks for stopping in and enjoy!


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